Stamping / deep drawing

  • Presses with ranges from 6 to 300 Tons, with CNC automatic feed.
  • Variable speeds ranging from 60 to 250 strokes per minute.
Estampación Embutición

Laser cutting / Punching

  • CNC laser cutting machines for pipes and sheets.
  • CNC punching machines.
  • Combined CNC punching and laser cutting machines.
  • Precisions of 0.05mm in thickness of up to 20mm and formats of 5000x2000mm.
Corte láser Punzonado


  • Bending CNC machines with accuracies of 0.1 mm and length up to 4000mm folding.
Plegado Plegado

Pipe bending

  • Aluminium, steel, stainless steel pipe bendind up to Ø45mm.
Curvadura de tubo Curvadura de tubo

Sheet roller machine

  • Sheet roller machine up to 4m in length
Cilidrandora Cilidrandora


  • TIG, MIG, spot and robotic welding.
Soldadura Soldadura


  • Mechanical and electrical assembly.
Montaje_1 Montaje

Powder coating

  • Powder coating cured at 200° C.  
  • Pieces of up to 6x2x1m.
Pintura Pintura


  • Tampography.
  • Serigraphy
  • Vinyl.